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CDC Week 8 Clark-Cowlitz Counties Influenza Update (2/16/20-2/22/20)

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Cowlitz and Clark Counties are sister Local Health Jurisdictions (LHJs) in Washington State. Although separate entities, both share a common goal of preventing disease and promoting public health. To that end, Cowlitz and Clark County often partner in disease response efforts. This year, Cowlitz and Clark counties will continue working together to provide reliable influenza surveillance.

CDC Week 8 Clark-Cowlitz Counties Influenza Update (2/16/20-2/22/20) (PDF)

If you are having difficulty finding influenza vaccines for yourself or your patients, please give us a call and we can work with you to try to locate a clinic that can assist. Communicable Disease Team: (360) 414-5599 x 6431.

For past influenza season data, please contact us.